The Experience Fund

The JWA Experience Fund:

The JWA “Experience Fund” was setup to enable a greater number of people to experience the benefits of our wilderness programs through subsidies and scholarships. “Experience Fund” supported trips are priced at a reduced rate and are made up of applicants that have been carefully chosen based on their goals and desired outcomes, their level of need (both financially and situationally), as well as other factors that have affected their desire to apply for the trip. Each applicant is asked to specify one or two time frames during which they would be able to participate in one of our trips. We then carefully select applicants that we believe will create a balanced and diverse backcountry community. Each member of this small group will play an important role in the lives of the other group members. Don’t be mistaken, we are not looking for perfect people. Rather, we are looking for applicants that hope to benefit from their experience and are willing to provide a safe space for fellow participants as they live and travel together during their 10-day wilderness expedition.

Give To The Experience Fund:

If you’d like to be part of enabling a greater demographic of people to experience the unique benefits of a summer expedition, donate to the JWA Experience Fund today. Each year we offer a select number of scholarship supported trips that enable low-income families, volunteers, and those in need, with the ability to participate in one of our enriching and purposefully designed wilderness expeditions. We believe in the impact these trips have on our participants and we’re thankful for the individuals, families, and businesses who enable us to make these unique trips a reality. If you’d like to know how to be a part, drop us an email or click here to donate online.

Why Are Wilderness Trips So Expensive?

Most people who are unfamiliar with wilderness programing companies are surprised to learn of the high costs and fees associated with participation. Many people interested in going on a backcountry trip with an outdoor company have probably been camping before and know that besides the purchase of personal gear and food, there are typically few additional costs to spending time in the wilderness. So, why do companies need to charge so much for their services? Outdoor programing companies that have developed long-term sustainable programs have typically found that the cost of permits, purchase and maintenance of quality equipment, prices of speciality backcountry food, as well as year-round office space rental and staff salaries and certifications, require the company to bring in a relatively high revenue per person, per trip. Furthermore it is vital to have a small group size for outdoor experiences because it enables participants to achieve their desired outcomes, which requires highly-trained and medically certified guides. Because of all of these listed factors and the limited number of trips possible each season, non-profit wilderness companies typically charge around 200 US Dollars, per person, per day.