At JWA we take safety seriously.  We are proud of the internationally recognized safety standards we’re able to provide in China’s newly-emerging wilderness backpacking industry.

We understand the inherent risks involved in working in an ever-changing wilderness environment and develop comprehensive risk management plans to minimize these risks as much as possible.  These plans are implemented by our highly professional and well-trained staff.  You should expect nothing less than the highest quality of safety standards on your trip.

Our Guides:

Each trip is lead by a pair of well-trained guides/facilitators. They know wilderness travel and about preventing injuries, and they train participants to practice safe-travel standards on each trip.  Our lead guides all have their Wilderness First Responder certification, which equips them to make good decisions and respond quickly to emergency medical situations when far from a hospital.  Not only are our guides trained to respond to physical dangers, but they are also trained to keep emotional and mental safety in check as well.

Our Gear:

We take no shortcuts with our equipment. We partner with the best brands in the outdoor industry to provide an elite level of outdoor equipment to our participants.  The tents, backpacks, cooking equipment, and food we provide are all designed and tested to keep you healthy and safe while traveling for extended periods through a wilderness environment.  We carry well-stocked first aid kits on every trip and all of our equipment is maintained to the highest safety standards.

Our Communication:

We carry high quality satellite phones and solar battery charges on all of our remote wilderness expeditions.  Our guide teams and logistics team are all thoroughly trained in how to respond well in emergency situations.  We also maintain good relationships with locals, who can be of assistance in the case of an emergency evacuation.

At JWA we take your safety seriously.