The TianShan Mountains stretch some 2500 kilometers from the China-Mongolian border in the east, all the way to Uzbekistan in the west. This long and dramatic range remains one of the most unexplored mountain areas in the world with many of its peaks still unclimbed. With vast fertile valleys often populated only by flocks of sheep and shepherds on horseback, these mountains are home to the occasional Kazak family, who spend their summers on its high fertile meadows.

With its lush green spruce fir forests, picturesque high mountain lakes, numerous streams and waterfalls, and enchanting rocky peaks, the Tian Shan Mountains could easily be mistaken for the Swiss Alps or the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

10-Day Trip Description:

After meeting your group in Urumqi, you will travel together to the quaint, Han-majority city of Shihezi, located about 150 kilometers to the west. The next morning after receiving your group gear and food, you will travel to one of the most beautiful mountain areas in the Tian Shan. As you set out on the trail, you will pass by small Kazak yurts before beginning your journey up into the seldom-seen regions of this beautiful range. Traveling over wooded and alpine terrain, you will cross pristine rivers, see amazing wildlife, and explore one of the most remarkable areas of China. Each day you will be given a different role within the group– such as leader of the day or camp cook. An opportunity for an extended time of solitude will be provided while on the trail, and each morning will include time for personal reflection. At the conclusion of your time in the mountains, you will return to Shihezi to have lunch and turn in equipment before traveling to Urumqi for dinner. Your final evening will be spent in Urumqi, and your trip will come to a close following lunch the next day.