On a clear, blue-skied day in Beijing, you might just catch a glimpse of the Mountains surrounding China’s capital. For those of us living in the city, these mountains often seem inaccessible for a variety of reasons—logistics, knowledge of the location, lack of gear, etc.– even for those who are avid campers in their home countries.

At JWA, we believe in the invaluable role that nature and beauty play in sustaining emotional, mental, and physical health. As expats ourselves, we understand the challenges foreigners often face in China as they live away from the familiarity of home, many undergoing intense pressure in their work environments, and all with the backdrop of an—often gray–urban environment. That’s why we offer access to pristine wilderness areas in a professional manner that aims to meet the desires of every China-dweller, no matter their level of backcountry experience. Whether you’ve scaled the Canadian Rockies since you could walk or have never slept in a tent in your life, we intend to provide you with an experience that will keep you comfortable and leave you refreshed, without sacrificing the integrity of your wilderness venture.