Equipment & Partner Brands

At JWA we partner with the world’s leading outdoor equipment companies to provide our participants and guides with the quality and dependability of brands that can be counted on in tough situations.

We are proud of our partner brands, as they represent the premier level of quality, safety, and professionalism in the outdoor industry. For more information on their products, brands, and purchasing, click on the logos below.

Partner Brands

Deuter Backpacks and Sleeping Bags

Deuter is one of the oldest and most respected outdoor manufacturers on the planet with over 110 years of producing Germany's highest quality backpacks and outdoor products. We are proud to work with Deuter to provide reliable, safe, and trusted sleeping bags and backpacks to our participants. Their packs carry weight extremely well, are adjustable, and durable. Their sleeping bags are lightweight, compressible, warm when wet, durable, and light. Deuter is JWA's oldest partner. Deuter develops highly functional, top quality outdoor products worldwide and their brand enjoys an excellent reputation with customers.
Sea to Summit Equipment

Sea to Summit is a global brand that's won numerous design and business awards around the world. They are a socially responsible, environmentally ethical, passionate company that continues to research the best new materials, production methods and ideas for lightweight, dependable, high quality products. Our guides are proud to use their well designed solutions that provide us with the most innovative, durable, lightweight and compact gear on the planet. If you'd like to travel lighter, more comfortably, and more safely, go to their website and look through their vast collection of world-class gear.
Smartwool Socks

Producing some of the highest quality and most comfortable merino wool garments in the world, JWA is proud to partner with Smartwool socks and apparel. Our guides wear Smartwool© socks and we think you should too. Thanks to the amazing natural properties of merino wool, they keep you cool when hot and warm when cold. Combining high quality merino wool with an exceptional fit, these products protect and perform. There are no other socks our guides would rather wear and we think you'll feel the same. Smartwool distributes their socks in China through quality outdoor stores. For more information on where to find Smartwool socks in China email us, and we'll point you in the right direction.
Patagonia Clothing

Patagonia has a world-wide reputation for producing the best outdoor apparel on the planet. They are equally passionate about their role as influencers of environmental policy and ethics. Like JWA, patagonia believes in the rewards that come through time spent connecting with nature. Their love of wild and beautiful places has led them to fight to save them, and to help reverse the steep decline in the overall environmental health of our planet. Patagonia donates time, services, and at least 1% of their sales to grassroots environmental groups all over the world. At JWA, we appreciate the effort they make to positively impact the world in which we live, and we're proud to partner with a company that makes products that are well made and long-lasting. To see why we believe Patagonia's clothing and equipment are the best in the world, check out their website or visit one of their retail stores in China.
Gregory Packs

Since 1977, Gregory Mountain Products has been know for their innovative design, ergonomic and comfortable fit, and their obsession with quality, comfort and durability continues today. At JWA, our guides love wearing Gregory packs and we love working with their company. Here is a quote from Gregory that explains it all.

"There’s no better companion than the trail.

It doesn’t care what your reasons for visiting are.
It quietly waits and gives generously to those who seek it.
It can serve as confidant, counselor and ferocious teacher all at the same time.
The trail overflows with discoveries, breakthroughs and epiphanies.
Not the least of which is the simple feeling of freedom.

At Gregory, we’ve let the trail inspire every aspect of what we do.
And what we create.
So you can focus on what matters most.
Simply getting outside."
Keen Footwear

We all live lives splitting our time between work, play and giving back. Keen calls this "HybridLife." HybridLife is KEEN's mantra, their commitment to create solutions in their product and business practices, to design footwear, bags and socks that enable you to play anyplace without a ceiling; and their promise to care for each other and the world around us. Keen partners with companies who are actively working to inspire responsible outdoor participation, and land and water conservation. Keen produces some of the most comfortable footwear available, and they make innovative products that challenge traditional thinking. We're proud to wear our comfy Keen shoes when we go hiking and camping and encourage our participants to try a pair on. You won't be dissapointed.
PowerTraveller Solar Power

Powertraveller designs, develops and manufactures an award winning range of portable power and solar chargers for electronic devices. Designed in the UK and tested to destruction in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments, the products Powertraveller makes are simply put, "the best in the world." JWA is proud to partner with Powertraveller to provide a dependable backup power solution for our emergency satellite communication equipment. With the added safety of world-class solar chargers and backup batteries our participants can rely on our industry-leading emergency communication system. Powertraveller’s vision is to push the possibilities of portable power so that wherever their customers find themselves they can go further.
Thuraya Satellite Phones

We're proud to partner with Thuraya to provide dependable satellite communications that make a difference to the quality and safety of our trips. Thuraya is committed to enable the people who rely on their satellite solutions to always be able to communicate when and where needed, safely and effectively. Their satellite network is renowned for having the most reliable satellite coverage that covers approximately 161 countries or two-thirds of the globe. Their high penetration alerting capability (HPA) enables us to receive a call notification in challenging environments, keeping us connected at all times.

Thuraya is to be the world's mobile satellite communications provider of choice, delivering the most innovative, agile and dependable connectivity solutions on the planet. They offer innovative solutions to the complex problem of staying connected in remote areas around the globe. Thuraya is a socially committed passionate company that desires to contribute to the welfare of mankind, benefit societies, and save lives.

Participant Equipment

At JWA we provide the highest quality outdoor equipment to our participants.  We are proud to partner with the following brands to help make your wilderness expedition more safe, comfortable, and memorable.

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