Mark McGarigal, International School of Beijing, DoE Award Teacher, 2013

“The staff at JWA were fantastic to work with in all aspects of developing ISB’s first “Adventurous Journey” for the Bronze Award of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program. They have an unsurpassed depth of experience and expertise in designing and facilitating amazing backpacking programs for youth in remote wilderness settings in China. The trip leaders know how to make even the most challenging experiences fun and to motivate each student to reach for goals they didn’t think they could achieve. This was only possible because our JWA leaders were able to create a group dynamic that built the personal skills, leadership, empathy, and teamwork that allowed everyone in the group to finish the journey with a great sense of personal and group accomplishment. It was truly one of the most powerful and life-changing experiences many of our students have had. Thanks to JWA and their amazing staff, our students came away with a deep sense of personal accomplishment, a sense of adventure, and a deeper appreciation of nature and the environment. The fact that most of our students have continued on to join the Silver Award Level this year is largely due to the positive experience and personal impact of the experiences we had with JWA in the training, practice journey and qualifying journey. Thank you so much for the experience and the incredible memories.”

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